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Apple Apple may not want the word 'computer' in its title anymore, but it's hard to ignore the impact of the Macintosh on the bottom line. Despite a report of flat shipments, plus all the attention given to the iPod, iPhone and Apple TV in the last month, the Mac had a solid quarter for the period that ended on Dec. 30. Apple reported selling about 1.6 million of its signature product during the quarter. The Mac also saw its revenue share increase by about 40 percent compared to last year.
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RE[4]: new mac user is me
by zbrimhall on Fri 19th Jan 2007 06:03 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: new mac user is me"
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You make some good points! Let's review (edited for readability):

1.) Quicktime isn't free: Pathetic.

Yes yes yes. Full screen video playback? Hello??? Generally, Quicktime is a lame video player. Apple doesn't have any problem giving me a broken video player with my $1,500 laptop, so I don't have any problem using a registration key I found on the Internet.

5.) No good photo browser. Just photo catalogers, which is ok, but sometimes I have crap images that I want to browse through and delete a little later. I don't want to clutter iPhoto up with them.

7.) What in the world do I do to switch tabs in safari from the keyboard?!

Command+Shift+Left/Right Bracket. Says so in the Window menu.

10.) X11 integration is a joke. Why can't you make a .app for an X11 program that associated the X windows with the .app and not the! Because Apple doesn't like X programs?

It's probably possible. It rather seems like that's what the did for My solution is to not use X--the UIs of most X apps give me a headache.

11.) When a locked up application is selected it locks up the menubar, switching to another program allows access again to the menubar.

Every application controls its own menubar resources, and AppKit, the Cocoa UI framework, runs on the app's main thread. So when a program's main thread locks up, the menu bar goes dead; however, when you switch to a new app, that app's menubar resources take over and all is well. It's not really that different from Windows: after all, you'd be pretty surprised if a hang in one program caused every other program's menus to die!

12.) Windowing UI is dependent on the program being responsive (Windows made the same design error, X11 gets it right).

See above. Rumor has it that in future versions of Mac OS X, the UI will finally run on its own thread. It's about damn time!

13.) No window shading, horiz/vert maximization, maximization doesn't work correctly on certain pages in safari (if you repeatedly hit it the window will grow and grow).

I don't miss window shading anymore. Hiding apps works even better for me now, because it doesn't clutter up the screen with window title bars, and can be undone via keyboard shortcuts (unlike minimizing to the Dock, which requires mouse input to undo). I've noticed Safari's resize wierdness too; otherwise, I like the maximizing behavior. When it's working, maximizing a window causes it to take up as much space as it needs to draw everything in it. Why do you want windows taking up more space than they need?

14.) DVD player is buggy, I had two lockups while using it (I have used it quite a bit though).

Rock solid for me, except when a disc is too scratched to be read. But I had that kind of problem on Linux, too. I've grown to view death by I/O error as an unfortunate fact of life. Does Windows manage to deal with this any better?

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