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Privacy, Security, Encryption Alan Cox, one of the leading Linux kernel developers, has told a House of Lords hearing that neither open- nor closed-source developers should be liable for the security of the code they write. Cox, who is permanently employed at Red Hat, told the Lords Science and Technology Committee inquiry into personal internet security that both open- and closed-source software developers, including Microsoft, have an ethical duty to make their code as secure as possible. "Microsoft people have a moral duty in making sure their operating system is fit-for-purpose," Cox said on Wednesday.
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by systyrant on Fri 19th Jan 2007 21:01 UTC
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To me it seems that before you start holding developers responsible for the code the produce it might be a better idea to first give them or make available the tools they need to produce secure code. As another poster pointed out developers are only human and to 'err is human'.

Of course the downside to actually holding developers liable for the quality of their code is that it would probably flood an already over burden legal system with more frivolous lawsuits.

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