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Zeta Magnussoft has just announced that they are delaying the release of ZETA 1.5 Professional from 10 to 15 days in order to add a port of the AbiWord open source word processor, a native PCL6 printer driver and a Radeon x-series video driver. The addition of AbiWord is seen as a move to eventually replace the word processor component of GoBe Productive, a third party lightweight office suite currently bundled with ZETA that is no longer in development. Since AbiWord is released under the GPL, the port is expected to eventually benefit Haiku as well.
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Quit bitching already!
by El-Al on Fri 19th Jan 2007 21:21 UTC
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You know, I TRULY enjoyed reading this thread! ALL of it.

It does re-affirm to me at least, that the Haiku team is RIGHT to pursue their goals and bring the project closer to its conclusion (R1 at least). From there on in, we'll see all the armchair ceo's, as they appear to be doing so now, casting their opinions as R2 progresses.

By then, inertia may well have increased the team will have picked up developers along the way. Apps, drivers will come.

Yes, BeOS up to and including Dano had it's problems. Name ONE OS today that doesn't have it's own set of problems.

R5 was a truly awsome operating system experience for its time. I used BeOS from R3->. It was leagues ahead of the alternatives in many, many ways. Time has moved on...sure.

When the OS landscape as it is today is considered, NOTHING excites me that much. OSX is pretty, reasonably well supported, the Windows family disappoints me always...Vista included. Linux, as somebody already mentioned in this thread, is STILL not ready for your ordinary Joe and does seem pretty fudge like.

Quit bitching. Give the team some support, even just a nod to the fantastic job done so far. Sooner or later the general public will have a community owned, maintained, 'modern' OS for zeros which is end user orientated, elegant and which doesn't require in excess of 1Gb ram in order to feel responsive.

Be.Inc is history. BeOS is dead...Haiku is not IMHO, not by a long way. Just my 0.2 grobs and Ducketts.

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