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Windows With the imminent release of Windows Vista to consumers this month, Linus Torvalds, the father of Linux, has claimed Microsoft's latest desktop effort is over-hyped and not a revolutionary advancement. "I don't actually think that something like Vista will change how people work that much," Torvalds told Computerworld. "I think it, to some degree, has been over-hyped as being something completely new and I don't actually think it is."
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"In a country like USA where a doctor charge 300$ for 30 minutes appointment, you need money to live a good life and GPL is not making software as an interesting field to make that kind of money."

You did not specify the amount of money you think you need to "live a good life", but I can tell from your post that you equate money with success and "a good life". Statements like that pretty much sum you up cheif! Just another materialistic idiot that thinks money means happyness and "a good life".

Personally, I know more unhappy people that are slaves to a paycheck to maintain their standard of living. I used to be one of them. After years and years of going up the ladder, I finally walked away. I make 1/3 of what I used to, but my life is actually enjoyable now.

My point, just becuase a job pays $$$$ does not mean the people doing it are doing it because they like it. In fact, I would bet that the majority of people in the high paying fields are there for one reason only. That is the money. So, what makes a person great at a job verse good at a job. Well, it is not money!

Your thought process is wacked. If programming paid $600.00 an hour, would that attrack the best programmers or just a bunch of hacks that want money and churn out code to get a check?

Myself, I can deal with the OSS guys doing it for reasons that include self satisfaction verse the hacks at MS churning out bugware version 9 SP33!

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