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FreeBSD FreeBSD developer Scott Long said on Thursday that the next version of the open source BSD-based operating system, planned for release in September, includes support for "a lot more" wireless cards and for wireless security standards such as the Wi-Fi Protected Access.
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by corentin on Fri 19th Aug 2005 23:26 UTC in reply to "RE: re: Moulinneuf"
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> Why are Wifi driver closed and unavailaible for all platform ? Because someone took the open Standard wich is under a traitor license and closed it and built there product with the new closed driver wich are 99% open standards.

That is because some developers (including Linux developers) accepted to sign NDAs, so when other developers (especially the OpenBSD developers) asked WiFi vendors for documentation, they received this kind of response : "Well, all other developers are signing NDAs with us, so there is no reason you cannot do the same."

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