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Novell and Ximian Novell has begun a new element of a years-long effort to coax people away from Windows and toward Linux. It unveiled a Web site Friday that touts purported advantages that Novell's Suse Linux Enterprise Desktop 10 has over Windows Vista. The site includes a white paper making the case, a variety of customers who have opted to use the software, and a video arguing that SLED has good usability and a built-in office suite but not Windows' lock-in and high licensing costs.
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RE: But do they have apps?
by systyrant on Sun 21st Jan 2007 01:42 UTC in reply to "But do they have apps?"
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The question should be why aren't developers porting their application to Linux? I think the answer is low demand and high cost.

It's probably very close to a catch 22. Developers aren't going to spend the time and money developing or porting application to a platform that has a small market share. Add in the fact that software that is more specialized, like a lot of software for enterprise is, and the desire to support Linux gets even less. And as many have stated with out the application you want what good is Linux for you.

I've always thought that Linux should be targeted at the home user. First you get those people who basically don't do much other than surf the web and send e-mail. (Market share goes up.) As the market share rises game developers will start creating title for Linux. (Market share goes up.) You will then get better hardware support form hardware vendors and software developers will take note.

To me it seems insane to go after the enterprise for anything outside of servers because the OS, while important, isn't the big purchase for most of these companies. They'll stick to Windows because the software they buy only runs on Windows. And as long as the majority of that software is only supported on Windows then Windows is where they will stay.

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