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Windows "A conversation has cropped up since the recent publication of a paper scrutinizing how Windows handles digital rights management, especially for HD video. I've since looped back with Dave Marsh, a Lead Program Manager responsible for Windows' handling of video, to learn from him the implications involved and to learn to what extent the paper's assertions are accurate. The following is an article Dave has put together to address the misconceptions in the paper, followed by answers to what we expect will be the most frequent questions in the minds of our customers."
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I am not for DRM, but lets be realistic...
by proforma on Sun 21st Jan 2007 07:51 UTC
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DRM (Digital Rights Management aka content protection) has been around for a long time.

This is nothing new at all.

Liberal Linux folks want you to believe that Microsoft is evil and that they are controlling everything you do. This is a scare tactic by a bunch of liberal anti-microsoft folks to scare people into getting people to leave the Microsoft Operating System.

CSS is the protection on a DVD, without this protection you cannnot watch a DVD, well a long time ago it was cracked and now DVDs can be copied and the industry is trying to slow down piracy.

In Windows Vista, it has to support the DRM protection so that you can play Blu-ray and HD-DVD movies, this protection is also on the hardware you buy at the store. Linux won't be able to play these because it does not have the DRM protection.

Windows Vista does not use the protection if you want to use your own software to copy from the buffer (ie you want to record sounds or other media).

Just like you can copy CD's into MP3, you can do this on Vista like you can on XP.

You are not losing any freedom.

I am not saying Windows Vista or Microsoft is perfect. I am saying that these anti-microsoft liberal people have devoted their entire lives against Microsoft and trying to spread Fear, Uncertainty, and doubt about Microsoft and their products to try to drive people into Linux and (Free as in speech) Open Source Operating Systems.

This isn't so much about freedom as it is about power and political power.

So don't let these people tell you lies and tell you what you must do and to dump Windows. You need to make up your own mind on what you want for your lives.

This post will get modded down, but I will keep posting it because it is the truth and it is about time the real truth is known.

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