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Java Stephen Shakland of CNET has done an interview recently, with James Gosling about his views on the languages future and the development of the language.
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My biggest issue with Java...
by the_trapper on Sun 10th Jul 2005 15:41 UTC
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What is supposedly Java's biggest strength is actually what is holding it back for me. Application portability on Java leaves much to be desired, despite what Sun wants to tell you. Windows, Linux (i386 only btw), Solaris, and Mac OS X are not the entire computing universe. Where's FreeBSD's 100% certified compatible Java 5 JDK? How about ones for non-Intel Linuxes. If you use one of the other BSDs, or an even more alternative alternative operating system, you're really out of luck. Yes, there is always the Linux emulation support under the BSDs, but that's not exactly what I would consider cross platform support. The FreeBSD foundation attempted to license and produce a certified version of Java for use on FreeBSD, but Sun essentially pulled the rug out from under them.

As it stands today, Perl, Python, and Ruby, especially coupled with the wxWidgets widget toolkit make for a far more cross platform programming experience.

Sun, if you really want to save Java from a miserable demise, please, please open source it so we can fix this and other shortcomings.

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