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Windows "It's all too easy to get caught up in the million dollar marketing engine as we approach the consumer release of Windows Vista, so lets not forget that it isn't the second coming, and by all counts is an upgrade you can do without. There are many lists out there on why to get Vista, so here's ours on why not to." Update: I have written a rebuttal on my weblog. Update II: Another rebuttal.
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by Donny_S on Mon 22nd Jan 2007 03:31 UTC
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"Good point. However, 95% of the world will get Vista not by retail, but via OEM. And when it comes via OEM, people don’t experience it as “paying for” (even though they obviously do)."

They might also experience new levels of vendor lock-in to MS or close partners. OSS users might find themselves increasingly locked out. Intel IGP's may have open drivers, but how many Win-V boxes use i945G/i965G chipsets?

IMO it's crazy to keep subsidizing the American OEM's and hardware component supplier firms that in turn help maintain the MS monopoly. These firms have all come-up with GNU/Linux/OSS lip service PR initiatives and maybe some token support here and there.

DRM is a fact of life and the music and TV/MP industry will insist on this as a condition of content distribution. Well, it's their content. The problem is that OEM's refuse to support non-patented file formats (Vorbis) which put independent content creators in a position of legal liability for fees or royalty payments not to mention encoder cost/access restrictions. Patent holders and OEM's are enabled to act as agents of control in the distribution of independent content. I suspect that Win-V will have have the overall effect of keeping the American corporate middlemen in control of media content creation and distribution.

"The draconian license"

Can Win-V run as a portable multisession DVD? Why should users let Win-V drag then out onto the net when it's technically possible to take the entire software setup with them and run it anywhere? Win-V likely won't even come close to fully utilizing the capabilities of today's USD-40 DVD burner.

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