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Microsoft The New York Times has taken a look at Microsoft Office 2007. "After a radical redesign, Word, Excel and PowerPoint are almost totally new programs. There are no more floating toolbars; very few tasks require opening dialog boxes, and even the menu bar itself is gone. (Evidently, even Microsoft saw the need for a major feature purge. 'We had some options in there that literally did nothing,' said Paul Coleman, a product manager.)"
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RE[5]: I've always said this...
by Jemm on Mon 22nd Jan 2007 08:07 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: I've always said this..."
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>I've got one question for Office 2007 testers... what size are the files it creates? MSOffice 2003 creates bloated pigs for files, full of worthless
bullshit and gobledegook.

Fortunately they are much smaller in O2K7.

Here are some samples from my folders, same documents in both formats:

Word 2003 vs. Word 2007:
.doc: 623KB
.docx: 351KB

Excel 2003 vs. Excel 2007:
.xls: 78KB
.xlsx: 39KB

PowerPoint 2003 vs. PowerPoint 2007:
.ppt: 724KB
.pptx: 136KB

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