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Xfce After more than two years of development, Xfce 4.4.0 has just been released. Xfce 4.4 features new tools such as the much awaited Thunar file manager as well as several improvements in its core components. Benedikt Meurer had also prepared a tour for the newcomers.
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"Well not in X11 - not because that "isn't the X Window Way," it's just the way it's implemented. The so-called "window manager" has to do a lot more work than managing windows (like managing the desktop/background (though not the picture), which is even known in X11 as the "root window", and providing the menus you see when you click on the root window)."

There is nothing in the wm-specs Xfwm4 should take care about that (window matching). And as long as there is no good way to 'detect' the application (command, application, window name, icon.. everything can change), it won't be added.

And BTW the desktop(-menus) are managed by xfdesktop. If you kill xfwm4, this is still working w/o problems.

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