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Windows Reckon you won't upgrade to Vista until the first service pack is released? That's looking likely to be the second half of this year, according to Microsoft's latest email blast. The company has put out a call for "customers and partners (to) actively test and provide feedback on Windows Vista SP1 to help us prepare for its release in the second half of CY07". Microsoft hasn't released details of exactly what changes will be wrought in Vista SP1, which has been assigned the codename 'Fiji' but some OS components which missed the RTM cut-off will almost certainly be rolled into the update. One of the candidates for this better-late-than-never brigade would be the Windows PowerShell, previously Microsoft Shell - a .NET-based command line shell with its own scripting language.
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Not surprising
by eivind on Mon 22nd Jan 2007 21:53 UTC
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I've been running Vista Business RTM for a little while now, and though it seems like a viable upgrade for many there are noticeable issues. For instance just try changing the DPI setting and see how everything looks with the login screen. Although not a significant bug it is surprising for a released product. This is sign there might be more severe bugs open and probably undiscovered.

Customers know this, and Microsoft know their customers. Hence the early SP1.

In fact I believe the whole success of Vista being adopted by enterprises relies on an early and good maturing of the OS, hopefully for MS in the form of a service pack. One might even turn this around and say that MS will *not* improve upon Vista significantly in SP1, hoping that the release of the service pack itself will make enterprises adopt earlier.

This is what I hate about closed source - politics plays an even bigger role.

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