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Microsoft "So I was a little surprised to receive email a couple of days ago from Microsoft saying they wanted to contract someone independent but friendly (me) for a couple of days to provide more balance on Wikipedia concerning ODF/OOXML. I am hardly the poster boy of Microsoft partisanship! Apparently they are frustrated at the amount of spin from some ODF stakeholders on Wikipedia and blogs. I think I'll accept it: FUD enrages me and MS certainly are not hiring me to add any pro-MS FUD, just to correct any errors I see." So basically, it seems as if Microsoft is trying to 'hire' people to edit Wikipedia.
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RE: Unethical
by smashIt on Tue 23rd Jan 2007 00:34 UTC in reply to "Unethical"
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3. Microsoft has many reasons to hate the Wikipedia; for instance, the Wikipedia is a Free-Software project promoting Free content, and Microsoft is promoting a very different information model (what they call "Intellectual Property").

the computer-section of wikipedia is a huge oss/linux advertisement. and if ms is willing to pay someone to change this, I'm the last one to stop them

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