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Windows "Microsoft recently unveiled a new web site called 'Windows Vista Test Drive', designed to allow business users, consumers, and the merely curious to find out what running Microsoft's latest operating system might be like, without actually having to install it."
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As was said by shadowmane, this isn't helpful unless you're already running an operating system which supports IE6. I like to try and maintain a healthy, unbiased attitude toward operating systems. I currently run Ubuntu because I feel that it is currently the best option for me personally. I would be more than happy to switch to Windows Vista if I felt that it would provide a better alternative. This "test drive," however, presupposes that I am already running a Microsoft operating system (or possibly IE6 on a mac?), so I'm not really sure how this is meant to help people who are considering switching to Vista. I mean, let's face it, if you already are running Windows you're going to upgrade sooner or later. There aren't too many people still running Windows 98 anymore (NT is another story..), so I'm not sure what the legitimate purpose of this could be.

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