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Microsoft "So I was a little surprised to receive email a couple of days ago from Microsoft saying they wanted to contract someone independent but friendly (me) for a couple of days to provide more balance on Wikipedia concerning ODF/OOXML. I am hardly the poster boy of Microsoft partisanship! Apparently they are frustrated at the amount of spin from some ODF stakeholders on Wikipedia and blogs. I think I'll accept it: FUD enrages me and MS certainly are not hiring me to add any pro-MS FUD, just to correct any errors I see." So basically, it seems as if Microsoft is trying to 'hire' people to edit Wikipedia.
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"It happens, but it usually doesn't work, because of the nature of Wikipedia itself. Vandalism (which is much more common than outright disinformation), falsohoods and strong POVs are usually quickly spotted by other volunteers, who revert the inaccuracies. "

it's the subtle spin that I'm more concerned about.

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