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Java IBM has released an SDK for Java 6. Product binaries are available for Linux on x86 and 64-bit AMD, and AIX for PPC for 32- and 64-bits. In addition to supporting the Java SE 6 Platform specification, the new SDK also focuses on, Data sharing between Java Virtual Machines, Enhanced diagnostics information, Operating system stack backtraces, Updated jdmpview tool, platform stability, and performance.
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by kap1 on Wed 24th Jan 2007 00:01 UTC
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with the upcomming release of gpl java i'm suprised that IBM is still working on there own jvm, would it not be better if they just merged all the better bits of their jvm into the gpl version to get an ultimate jvm instead of working alone?

didn't they promise that they would donate code if sun open sourced their jre?

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