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Hardware, Embedded Systems "The most visible part of Windows Vista is the Aero interface, and while we can't deny that it looks very swish we find it very hard to get excited by a shiny new GUI. Instead, we're looking forward to new Vista hardware, which includes a new use for the humble USB memory key and much, much more. So what will the ultimate Windows Vista notebook offer?"
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When I heard about this, I thought it was an interesting invention by MS. Wel, it obviously is interesting. A bit like moving your swap-partition to the flash drive instantly.

*Cough*MS, invention*cough*

In the days of minicomputers, there used to be three types of "memory"/storage: RAM for the computer to store the OS and programs and work on data, hard disks to store the results of work, and so-called "fixed disks" to store swap/paging data. These "fixed disks" had one head for every cylinder (a group of tracks formed by each vertically-aligned sector on all platters of the disk), whereas hard disks had one or two heads for every platter. The fact that there was one head for every cylinder, of course, made them faster than hard disks.

So this idea is just the same idea, reimplemented with modern technology.

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