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OSNews, Generic OSes Andrew Tanenbaum has introduced his latest metric: LFs - Lifetime Failures to describe the number of times software, particularly the operating system, has crashed in a user's lifetime.
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Minix vs Linux
by Ravyne on Wed 24th Jan 2007 20:25 UTC
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Its pretty obvious the auther of the article didn't have a very strong grasp of the relationship between Minix and Linux.

Saying that Linux is "based on" Minix is perhaps a bit to strong, if not incorrect. "Inspired by" might be a better wording. While the original Linux implimented many of the same features and techniques as Minix (Torvalds was a student of Tanenbaum at the time of its creation,) the overall design philosophy is different. Linux is a highly monolithic kernel, while Minux is a modular microkernel design.

Neither do I think that Tanenbaum's suggestion Holds much more weight with Torvalds than anyone else's. Surely Torvalds would agree with the ends, but its been pretty clear over the years that he disagree's with Tanenbaum on the means.

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