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Windows Microsoft announced that it was extending technical support for home Windows XP operating systems, a signal that it was not abandoning them for Vista software launching next week. The Redmond, Washington software giant said the 'support life cycle' for Windows XP Home Edition and Windows XP Media centre Edition would be stretched to April 2009. Similar support would be provided for users of Windows XP Professional, according to Microsoft.
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Windows XP
by systyrant on Thu 25th Jan 2007 03:22 UTC
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They shouldn't stop selling or updating XP until the end of 2008 in my opinion. They shouldn't stop supporting it until 2010 or later.

Of course with SP1 for Vista coming out in the middle of this year they are probably going to start pushing XP updates back and there will probably be no SP 3 for XP.

Of course we all have the option to move to something else. Well, we at least have the option to think about moving to something else.

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