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Windows CNet has reviewed Windows Vista, and the concluded: "Perhaps we're spoiled, but after more than five years of development, there's a definite 'Is that all?' feeling about Windows Vista. Like cramming an info-dump into a book report the night before it's due, there certainly are a lot of individual features within the operating system, but the real value lies in their execution - how the user experiences (or doesn't experience) these - and like the info-dump, we came away shaking our heads, disappointed." Additionally, Vista's OEM pricing details are out and about.
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RE: There is no benefit....
by systyrant on Thu 25th Jan 2007 03:27 UTC in reply to "There is no benefit...."
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Unless you're a gamer, I can't see the point. IMHO, my gaming life will stop with Diretx9 it seems, after that, I'll have to spend more time out of the basement, and acquire a normal sex life. Damn you Microsoft!
</troll> "

My gaming stopped when the graphics got better and the game play got worse.

Super Mario Bros. Rocks

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