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Legal "In the US, France and a few other countries it is already forbidden to play legally purchased music or videos using GNU/Linux media players. Sounds like sci-fi? Unfortunately not. And it won't end up on multimedia only. Welcome to the the new era of DRM!" Update: Norway's consumer ombudsman has ruled that Apple's Fairplay DRM is illegal. This follows the news that France and Germany have sided with Norway.
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the USA is't the world
by unclefester on Thu 25th Jan 2007 08:16 UTC
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The US represents only 5% of the global poulation and 10% of the global economy. The EU has a 50% larger population and a bigger economy.

What the American people and politicians don't understand is that the other 95% of the population aren't interested or are actively opposed to what American politicians and corporations want. The power of the US to intimidate foreign governments is waning fast. I seriously doubt any Russian court would take action against copyright infringement at the behest of the RIAA.

I expect that DRM will actually become illegal in many countries forcing MS to sell a modified version of Vista.

All that DRM will mean is that Americans and Canadians will suffer under DRM. The rest of the world will simply carry on selling pirated music and movies as always.

Novell may suffer but other distros based elsewhere will thrive.

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