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Microsoft "Once upon a time, when DOS walked the earth, the command line was the primary user interface for most of our computers. Then, Windows came along, and Microsoft seemed set on leaving the command prompt to dry up and wither into obscurity. Fortunately, Microsoft has again turned its attention to the command line and, in so doing, has produced one of the most compelling new Windows features eWEEK Labs has ever had the pleasure to test: Windows PowerShell."
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RE: Does it come with all the tools?
by japh on Thu 25th Jan 2007 09:15 UTC in reply to "Does it come with all the tools?"
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"...but is it going to be useful as the Linux/BSD/whatever command line?"

I think it might be, but just as bash would be pretty useless without all the unix commands like find/grep/awk/..., PowerShell will be useless unless it has the same thing (only I think they're called commandlets in that world).

You need the primitives for listing processes, listing files, printing.
But also, you'll need to be able to interact with other, non-microsoft programs. You will probably also need to parse plain old text in a way that isn't totally awkward.

The thing I see as the best thing with PS is readability.
If I can sort by a named attribute instead of a column number, that's a win. If that attribute knows how it should be sorted then that's another win.
If you look at the man page for 'sort' in your favourite unix you see that you can specify sorting to be alphabetically, numerically, by date and other things.
I don't know all the options, and if I could sort without having to know them, I'd be happier.

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