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OSNews, Generic OSes Andrew Tanenbaum has introduced his latest metric: LFs - Lifetime Failures to describe the number of times software, particularly the operating system, has crashed in a user's lifetime.
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what a personal computer should be like
by unclefester on Thu 25th Jan 2007 11:58 UTC
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Introduce 'lemon laws' requiring commercial software to be of high quality. Sure it will slow development but has software really improved much in 20 years? Systems are more bloated and slower than ever despite hardware having at least 1000x the RAM, disk space and processor speed.

I suggest:

A very small ultra optimised ROM based OS using a low level language - a maximum size of 16MB.

Full hardware accelerated graphics and sound using a limited range of hardware codecs. There can't be more than a dozen *decent* media codecs.

Image formats - jpeg, png, tiff and gif.

A small ram based 2-4GB HD. A back up "hard drive" facility using cheap digital video tape.

Applications should be ultra small and light. An office suite should be no larger than 1MB and require 1-2MB of RAM.

The WWW ran much faster without junk like flash/shockwave, popups and javascripts.

Personally I think the last great computer experience was WP5.1 on a 486 - staggering performance and efficiency once you knew the function keys.

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