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Linspire "Linspire CEO Kevin Carmony says his company is opening up its CNR software download and management service to other Linux distributions because "Linux really needs an easier way to find and install software, regardless of which flavor of Linux you're using." According to Carmony, Linspire has been working on this project more more than a year. To find out more about how this bold new program is going to work - and how it benefits everyone involved - conducted the following short Q&A with Carmony via email."
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I don't think these concerns are valid. What the community of distros should have done is come up with a common solution.

Now if this one gathers momentum, then the only thing that the FOSS community needs to do is implement the open API of the CNR servers to unlock the distribution of FOSS packages and benefit from the open source plugins. But why did they not do anything like that till now ?

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