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Amiga & AROS Genesi has 'announced' it is going to release AmigaOS4 for their EFIKA motherboard as soon as the next release of MorphOS is released. "We have clearly indicated in this thread, we don't need Hyperion's support to port OS4 to the EFIKA - legally or technically." True to the Amiga scene of the last few years, a discussion spanning 300 posts ensued. My take: I actually advocated 'porting' AmigaOS4 to Genesi hardware last year, but I do hope it all happens within the boundaries of the law and that the developers get what they deserve. Update: The latest post asks an interesting question.
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It's about time someone or something starting to put pressure on Amiga Inc. They have sat on their stubborn asses (at least I have the impression of it) for a very long time.

I don't care if the port is legal or not, I just want someting to run OS4 on.

If this becomes reality, Amiga Inc will be forced to take some action. As not just me, but alot of tired Amiga(OS) fans will buy this hardware just for the sake of it.

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