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Amiga & AROS Genesi has 'announced' it is going to release AmigaOS4 for their EFIKA motherboard as soon as the next release of MorphOS is released. "We have clearly indicated in this thread, we don't need Hyperion's support to port OS4 to the EFIKA - legally or technically." True to the Amiga scene of the last few years, a discussion spanning 300 posts ensued. My take: I actually advocated 'porting' AmigaOS4 to Genesi hardware last year, but I do hope it all happens within the boundaries of the law and that the developers get what they deserve. Update: The latest post asks an interesting question.
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This is the issue with closed-source OSes
by mbpark on Thu 25th Jan 2007 14:59 UTC
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After seeing this I personally think that the way to go for any future support of an OS is Open Source, like AROS or Linux. Both of those work quite well on many platforms, and don't require you to purchase hardware from defunct companies to run the "Official OS" like AmigaOS.

MorphOS is mostly compatible with older AmigaOS software, from what I've seen (I've used it, and it ran many 68K apps appreciably well). There's even a program called OS4Emu for it to run some OS4 binaries.

There's not much of a point to run AmigaOS on the EFIKA or Pegasos, except being able to officially use the name.

I think this is mostly a foil by Bill Buck to show how Amiga Inc. (and whoever owns them this year) is sitting on their IP and not providing the OS to their customers on hardware that is still manufactured after the OS was officially released. This is more of an effort to get Amiga Inc. to say something about their hardware plans than it is about Genesi porting OS4.

There were many companies that announced hardware that was supposed to be OS4 compatible, and the only one that appears to be shipping anything is Genesi. Fortunately, Linux is quite well supported on their hardware, and will be for a long while.

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