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Linspire "Linspire CEO Kevin Carmony says his company is opening up its CNR software download and management service to other Linux distributions because "Linux really needs an easier way to find and install software, regardless of which flavor of Linux you're using." According to Carmony, Linspire has been working on this project more more than a year. To find out more about how this bold new program is going to work - and how it benefits everyone involved - conducted the following short Q&A with Carmony via email."
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First, no way do I consider this "one of the most significant," but since it is being touted by Carmony, et al., everything they do is tantamount to the Second Coming ("choice removed in The Netherlands" anyone? as an example), the server is closed up tighter than a drum, this is another layer on TOP of your native distro package manager (you run Fedora, you use yum/yumex/pirut; you run Debian, you use apt-get/Synaptic/gDebi). Ubuntu is already a done deal insofar as this CNR boondoggle goes (quite a few of the omigawd-I-r-a-linuxer-now folks are just tickled pink with this, along with the bling being bundled into Feisty). So far, at least, Debian seems to be telling them to pound sand, and FC seems to have some level heads involved as well to overcome the "omigawds".

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