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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Access, the company behind the former PalmSource, announced Thursday it is renaming the Palm OS operating system to 'Garnet OS', rolling out a new 'Access Powered' logo that replaces the 'Palm Powered' branding used on a wide range of handheld devices. In September 1995, Access purchased Palm OS and its owner PalmSource, which was spun out of Palm, Inc. following that company's separation from former parent 3Com. PalmSource changed its name to Access Systems America in October, selling the rights to the 'Palm' brand name back to Palm, Inc.
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by Roguelazer on Fri 26th Jan 2007 00:15 UTC
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Really? I could have sworn that Palm, Inc. was a subsidiary of US Robotics in 1995... Did you perhaps mean 2005?

On topic, if they're renaming it Garnet OS, does that mean that they've dropped Cobalt entirely? If so, can they give the Be source code back? Please?

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