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PC-BSD PC-BSD 1.3 was released on New Year's Eve. Dru Lavigne interviewed Kris Moore, Andrei Kolu, and Charles Landemaine of the PC-BSD release engineering team regarding the new release and their involvement within the PC-BSD community.
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Since PCBSD obviously will be very appealing for quite a few homeusers, I find it odd that getting it to share files with XP is such a hazzle. How about having a simple option to simply put on file sharing, similar to how Windows does this very simply?

Unfortunately KDE Samba configuration plugin is so buggy that KDE-FreeBSD porters decided to throw it out from port. NFS configuration that is managed by same plugin is so Linux specific that it is unusable in FreeBSD. Linux guys toke NFS, embraced and "enhanced" it to that level that it ain't work with any other system than Linux itself (I am not 100% sure about this matter but so I heard).

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