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Mac OS X A report from wireless industry analyst firm ABI Research released today proclaims that the new Apple iPhone does not fall within the firm's standard definition of a smartphone, due to restrictions Apple has placed on the phone against the inclusion of [native] third-party applications.
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Normally phones run two CPUs. One controls the radio and the other runs the crapplications that most phones ship with. That allows you to prevent even ill-behaved java apps from bringing down the network. It's a shame Apple isn't opening up the phone to 3rd party apps. It makes me wonder if their ability to isolate applications from the radio hardware is sufficiently robust. Or maybe, because of some of the neat features like random access voicemail, they weren't able to strongly isolate the radio.

It's a shame especially because that touch control might make for some great phone games. Regardless of what it's called, I'll probably get one.

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