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Linux "The OSDL's Desktop Linux Working Group has published its first year-end report on the state of the overall desktop Linux ecosystem. The report provides insight into the year's key accomplishments in terms of functionality, standards, applications, distributions, market penetration, and more."
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> 0) in Firefox press CTRL and + or - ( or use the scroll wheel )
That doesn't change the fact that:
- Small fonts are mushy (see my screenshot)
- The difference between font size 8 and font size 12 is too large

> 1) Witch version of Ubuntu you got ? latest is 6.10 The Edgy Eft
The screenshot is from Fedora Core 6. I have tried Ubuntu 5.10, 6.06 and 6.10 and didn't notice any difference between them.

> 2) you installed ? : 3) you tried ? : 4) 6)
1) I shouldn't have to do anything to get readable fonts out of the box.
2) I have enabled subpixel hinting in Ubuntu
3) Can you explain why OpenOffice ignores the settings for (subpixel) hinting?

> 5)
No matter what I set, that settings gives a sort of relative font size. It doesn't solve the problem with small font sizes beeing too large IN COMPARISION TO the large font sizes.

> either you are lying or you are a complete moron
Well, you saw my screenshot. Go to to see where I took it.

Either some people here are lying or they use font size 16 only, or they are completely blind.

HOWTO: Hoary ClearType-like fonts (
That is supposed to make fonts pretty like on Windows, but look at the results:
Screenshot from Windows:
Screenshot from Linux:
Note how the largest fonts are larger than on Windows, but the smallest fonts are smaller than on Windows?!?!
Also, see how the antialiasing is much more visible on Linux. And this is supposed to AFTER it is fixed.

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