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Zeta It appears that Marcus Overhagen, a well-known BeOS developer, has been recieving threats from YellowTAB. Marcus writes: "Using an alleged NDA (non disclosure agreement) breach, he promises to undertake everything that is possible to sue me. He claimes that even this mail is protected by the NDA that I signed with Yellowtab, but I'm certain that it doesn't apply here. At the end, he says that a copy of that mail was sent to their lawyer, who is now checking legal measures against me."
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I hate religious zealots...
by soapdog on Sat 20th Aug 2005 15:19 UTC
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Heck, this story was told in a very bad way. From the start there was a good nice side of Marcus who creates blessed F/OSS, in the other, germans doing damn commercial software "using be engineers works".

For the love of God, they bought the source!!! it is legal. People here are saying very evil things about Bernd. How many here know him? I am Brazilian and met with Bernd when he was here showing Zeta. He is a very dedicated man, passionate about BeOS and his job. He explodes easily when he is angry, but I seen worse things in the world. Without YellowTAB there would be no BeOS and Haiku would be in a very early stage. One thing that no one seem to remember here is that YellowTAB is paying sallary to two of the Haiku developers and allowing them to keep working on Haiku. When IBM or Apple do stuff like this, everyone talks about how great they are. YellowTAB is much much smaller and no one seem to be thanking them.

Also, Marcus is not the Haiku, Bernd is not all of YellowTAB, we don't know what happened between them. People here are shouting and burning zeta partitions while chanting imagine. Heck, YellowTAB is here and now, and is working and if it folds to death there will be no BeOS. Developers inside YellowTAB are very passionate and creative, they are in no way leechers like people like to say here.

The readers of OSNews suffer from the evil of "being fond of the good ol'days" anything modern sucks. Also suffer from the illness of beliving that anything that is commercial is evil. Don't anyone here thinks that if YellowTAB succeed, we'll have a company with money and willpower to sustain BeOS. Do people here thing that F/OSS developers don't need a full time job to maintain house and family? You can choose to support a company that ressurect BeOS out of nowhere (don't get me started about BeOS 5 PE and it's toy distros...), a company that pays good salaries to full time developers to create Zeta and Apps, the same company that pays two haiku developers.... but no, you lot choose to burn the witch! All dreaming of Haiku (that will not be able to go on if their developers run out of money). I too dream of Haiku, and talking with Bernd he too wanted it to succeed, Haiku is not competition to yT, never was, people here liked to put them as fighters but in reality that is not true, do a poll with Haiku developers, ask them if they fell they are fighting YellowTAB, and then get back to me when someone answers: "heck, they are paying me to do it."

I really hate when arguments go religious like this one. Instead of hoping for talkings and agreements, instead of trying to understand what is happening, people go shouting and showing their teeths... People here look like nothing but geek-bullies that like to band togheter and scream their heart about something and then enjoy the burning...

I use Zeta and love it. I'll use Haiku too. Everytime I get a chance to meet Bernd or any of the YellowTAB staff, I thank them for their efforts.

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