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Talk, Rumors, X Versus Y "So, which really is better for the desktop: Vista or Linux? I've been working with Vista since its beta days, and I started using Linux in the mid-90s. There may be other people who have worked with both more than I have, but there can't be many of them. Along the way, I've formed a strong opinion: Linux is the better of the two. But, now that Vista is on the brink of becoming widely available, I thought it was time to take a comprehensive look at how the two really compare. To do this, I decided to take one machine, install both of them on it, and then see what life was like with both operating systems on a completely even playing field."
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Talk about premature posting
by bannor99 on Sun 28th Jan 2007 19:04 UTC
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What is OSnews thinking? Wouldn't it have been wiser to
wait for the completed article - there really isn't much
substance to either the article or the discussions - yet.

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