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Windows Microsoft's quest to closely control the way Windows Vista can be used on PCs has taken a turn for the worse, as new information indicates that the company is breaking tradition when it comes to Windows Vista upgrades. With Windows Vista, users will not be able to use upgrade keys to initiate completely new installations. It is a change that will affect few users, but enthusiasts will certainly be amongst those pinched.
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RE[2]: Booo.
by OSGuy on Mon 29th Jan 2007 11:16 UTC in reply to "RE: Booo."
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Vista still needs an unencrypted partition to boot from, so dual-booting should still work. It's just that getting at data on the BitLocker-protected NTFS partition will be close to impossible for Linux users.

To me, looks like the author is complaining. Well, it is suppose to be impossible. Isn't it? If you can access the encrypted data the same way as you can access a password-protected user-dir in Windows from Linux then it wouldn't be so trusted would it....Don't get me wrong, I am not taking sides, I am only making a point.

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