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Oracle and SUN Sun Microsystems has set up its first department dedicated Open-Source software, in anticipation of more Sun Microsystems code being opened up to the public.
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RE: Mhhh.. Tasty !
by BrianH on Sat 20th Aug 2005 17:54 UTC in reply to "Mhhh.. Tasty !"
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A department dedicated to embrace the community using alway new licenses all more bizarre one than the other ?

Um, no. They've said that one of the reasons for setting up this department is to help Sun projects decide which of the existing OSI licenses would be appropriate for them, to cut down on license proliferation. You see, Sun caught a lot of flack for creating new licenses before.

On the other hand, many of the OSI licenses are GPL incompatible, often for good reasons like differing treatment of patents. GPL incompatible doesn't mean that the license is bad, just less useful until they fix the GPL.

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