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OSNews, Generic OSes "CodeWeavers this month announced version 6.0 of its flagship Windows compatibility product. Now called CrossOver Linux, the new version is the first with official support for games. With its growing application support and foray into gaming, CrossOver Linux 6 is an excellent alternative for Linux users who are stuck with a Windows application at work or at school."
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by firl on Mon 29th Jan 2007 18:12 UTC
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Lets see these are the reasons why I would pay 40$.

It would be money not going into microsofts hands, despite the fact of their ad's on this website.

I wouldn't have to shell out the 90$+ to buy windows.
I wouldn't have to worry about rogue processes(spyware) and virus's affecting my computer because im using windows.

Better scheduler controlling the application, better memory usage because of library usage within linux.

The list goes on.

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