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Apple "The introduction of Microsoft Windows Vista and its' many confusing and progressively expensive flavors has opened up a er, period of opportunity for Apple (formerly Apple Computer). Will Steve Jobs take a really bold chance to increase his market share or just play it safe with his little fiefdom of iPods, iTunes and forthcoming iTV?"
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It's the experience, stupid
by phoehne on Mon 29th Jan 2007 20:54 UTC
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Apple, IBM and HP (on their server lines) is a combo hardware and software seller. Why? Why go through all that trouble? Why doesn't IBM license AIX? Why doesn't HP license HPUX? Don't they want market share? Of course they do, but they don't want to destroy their product in the process.

They don't sell an OS as a commodity because the hardware-software combo allows you to control the user's experience. You limit the variables in hardware and (at least in theory) improve reliability, compatability, etc. Why doesn't my windows laptop work with Atheros wireless cards? Who knows? Is it HP's fault? Is it Netgear's fault? Is it MS's fault? With my PowerBook, if something stops working, I know it's Apple's problem and they know how to fix it.

Dell doesn't care about the user experience, they care about the buying experience. They make it easy to buy and set up your computer, but that's it. They sell a beige box. Apple sells a platform that tells a complete story. Besides, Dell would never do something that would seriously endanger their relationship with MS. It's the same clap-trap that analysts parade out every so often, as if it were some special insight into the market.

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