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Apple "The introduction of Microsoft Windows Vista and its' many confusing and progressively expensive flavors has opened up a er, period of opportunity for Apple (formerly Apple Computer). Will Steve Jobs take a really bold chance to increase his market share or just play it safe with his little fiefdom of iPods, iTunes and forthcoming iTV?"
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How clueless this guy is:
by phoehne on Mon 29th Jan 2007 21:14 UTC
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"Operating systems may not be sleek and sexy to Steve, since he realizes he can make more recurring revenue off of music at a dollar a pop than selling decent hardware."

First off, as far as OS'es go OSX is sexy - all sorts of great eye candy. Makes windows look like it was created by a bunch of engineers. If he didn't think Apple had a neat OS, he wouldn't think licensing it could accomplish anything.

Second - THEY DO NOT MAKE MONEY ON MUSIC SALES. This has been reported many times that iTunes store sells music to be played on iPods and it's on the iPods that they make money.

Finally, if you stack their hardware up against HP or Dell, you'll find they have similar processor speeds, options, and prices. If he's calling Apple hardware indecent, then by extension Dell and HP must be selling crappy hardware. Why move your OS to someone else's crappy hardware.

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