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Microsoft Microsoft surprised many of the attendees at its annual worldwide partner show here this weekend by allowing a third party to present a "hands-on lab" that allowed attendees to play with a range of Linux desktop software. Is Microsoft toning down on its anti-Linux campaign?
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by somebody on Sun 10th Jul 2005 17:26 UTC
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Codecs easy for windows? It is a no go. WMP hasn't found not even one codec that wouldn't belong to MS. Why downloading option?

If it would be easy then I wouldn't be called so often by people I know that some movie doesn't work. And believe me, there's many of them.

For all the people on Linux I just set up yum repository and complete mplayer (and off course dowloadable rpm that installs yum specs in /etc that can be downloaded via browser). One minute on phone for the first time (just to install my repository). Everything other is just "yum install ..." or by clicking in gui. Next time I put new version of mplayer inside? Everybody gets it with the first update.

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