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BeOS & Derivatives Got some spare time and an itch to try out the latest Haiku snapshot? Karl writes in with an easy install method for anyone wanting to try Haiku, using a BeOS Max Live CD.
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Theres one major reason PalmSource -can't- and hence don't opensource the BeOS source code. They own very little of it

OpenGL implementation - SGI code (pre SGI's open-ness)
Font renderer - Bitstream code (pre Bitstream's open-ness)
MIDI kit - Headspace code
Development enviroment - Metrowerks code
Entire PowerPC toolchain and C library - Metrowerks code, including Apple-patented algorithms (PEF, etc)
Media kit - peppered with Intel, Microsoft, Fraunhoffer, etc code
Drivers - many written under NDA; some bought in from, a driver vendor

Strip BeOS down to what Be wrote themselves and theres not a lot left. Theres a booting OS, but its not going to have something as basic as a GUI, due to how embedded the Bitstream code likely is.

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