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Internet Explorer "It seems Microsoft is putting IE8 development into gear. Participants of the Windows Server 'Longhorn' beta program on Microsoft Connect have just received an email notifying them that a new survey for Internet Explorer 8 has been published on the program site. The survey contains a few questions on the current usability of IE7 and asks the users what new features they would like to see in IE8. The survey also asks users to rank the importance of several planned features. The email mentions that the survey should be completed before Thursday, March 1st, 2007; giving us a vague peak at the timeline for IE8."
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RE: Web designers should lead
by systyrant on Tue 30th Jan 2007 15:27 UTC in reply to "Web designers should lead"
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Not that I don't agree with your sentiment, but do that would only serve to drive business away from your site. The one inevitable truth is that the end user isn't going to blame IE when a site doesn't render correctly. They are just going to chalk it up to being a bad site.

Of course I suppose you could always post a message telling them that due to IE's lack of compliance with the W3C recommendations that you, as the developer, are forced to send them to a lesser page on your site. Then add links and recommend they use Firefox or Opera or whatever browser you choose. ;)

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