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BeOS & Derivatives "As World+Dog gets its head around Windows Vista, lets look back at an operating system that might have been a contender, very nearly becoming Apple's next-generation OS and, but for Linux, almost certainly the key alternative to Windows on x86. Ladies and gentlemen, who remembers BeOS?"
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Remember it? I'm running it.
by izomiac on Wed 31st Jan 2007 00:48 UTC
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IMHO, the biggest thing that BeOS had going against it was the lack of a decent web browser. (Ironically I'm running NetPositive right now since Firefox crashed on my last Woot!-off and took my bag of crap with it.) If it hadn't been for that little fact, I'd say that R5 PE would have caught on. It was fast, better at playing media than Windows, more stable, and the learning curve was extremely slight for Windows users. It also didn't require that you repartition, so people could try it out fairly easily. Even the media coverage was decent. I actually used it quite a bit back then, but that was because my boarding school's firewall didn't work with it. So I could use Napster, usenet, FTP, and even visit certain sites that every 15 year old male wants to go to. More recently, I switched to BeOS for 90% of the stuff I do because Windows did something that really pissed me off (I forget what that was now). Linux was being a pain to install (I tried 4 distros and only one would install), so I decided to pick up the BeOS once again. Needless to say, with Firefox it became perfect for most of the stuff I do.

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