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BSD and Darwin derivatives DragonFly 1.8.0 has been released. The biggest kernel change in this release is the addition of virtual kernel support and a virtual kernel build target. The biggest user-visible changes include updates to third party applications included in the base system, a major rewrite of NULLFS which removes all directory recursion restrictions from mount_null and removes nearly all the kernel resource overhead when using such mounts, and a multi-ip feature for jails.
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Don T. Bothers
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I wonder how Dragonfly 1.8 compares to FreeBSD current. For a while, the FreeBSD project seemed a bit lost, but now it seems to have things together. It seems they are now dumping their overengineered 5.x and are going back to simplicity and stability of design, which have always been BSDs advantage since the early 80's. That said, DragonFly seems to have had the most revolutionary idea while being relatively simple to implement. From my understanding, it seems to also be the only OS really able to utilize modern computing emphasis on multiple cores by treating them as independent cpus rather than treating them as one large logical cpu with needless locking and spinning.

Anyways, I would really love to see some performance benchmarks versus some of the other operating systems. Dragonfly has been developed for a while now so that kind of information would prove to be very helpful.

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