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BSD and Darwin derivatives DragonFly 1.8.0 has been released. The biggest kernel change in this release is the addition of virtual kernel support and a virtual kernel build target. The biggest user-visible changes include updates to third party applications included in the base system, a major rewrite of NULLFS which removes all directory recursion restrictions from mount_null and removes nearly all the kernel resource overhead when using such mounts, and a multi-ip feature for jails.
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"I didn't mean to flamebait. If you want to talk about technical merit, I'm more than willing to do so. My point was that DF is no more scalable or sophisticated than Linux. "

I did'nt see your post as a flaimbait. Nor do i hope i responded in a way that lead you belive i did.

"That's not hype, that's the truth. Linux has been proven to scale well to the biggest machines currently available (2048 CPUs I believe). I don't think DF can make that claim. "

What you and i think is irrelevant. What actually works out there is what matter. And i wasnt talking about your claim about linux scalling well when i was talking about hype. I was talking about linux in generel. You might just have found an area where it actually does that fanboys and the like says it can.

"Like I said (and you quoted), I support any free software project as long as anyone finds it useful. The guy I was replying to claimed DF could take on big UNIX, and that's a ridiculous assertion."

Thats a harsh remark. Unless you have seen some tests that can prove you right.

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