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Talk, Rumors, X Versus Y "A well-illustrated technical paper comparing RTLinux, RTAI, and VRTXsa has been published by two Italian computer science students. Emanuele Mattei and Andrea Ludiciani conclude that the RTOSes offer comparable predictability, while RTLinux is the least variable and RTAI the most efficient."
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RE[2]: Fairly Decent Review
by philicorda on Wed 31st Jan 2007 22:14 UTC in reply to "RE: Fairly Decent Review"
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I'm not sure the desktop/server Linux 2.6 scheduling framework or preemption is being tested here.

The RTLinux kernel runs a 2.6 kernel as a lowest priority thread, and intercepts all hardware interrupts. It handles the high priority threads and has it's own scheduler.
Ie, Linux is being run as the idle task of a real time OS. RTAI works in much the same way.

Linus's 2.6 Linux was never intended to be hard real time, and probably never will be. The intelligent task/io schedulers that make a great desktop OS are not desirable in a hard real time deterministic OS.

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