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Windows "This story is for anyone considering or interested in switching from Mac to Microsoft's very beautiful new operating system, Windows Vista. I made the switch several weeks ago, from my trusty 12" PowerBook to (at first) a 17" HP widescreen notebook. Was my switch from Mac to Windows Vista easy? Was I able to 'Think Different', the other way around? And a month later, have I decided to stick with Vista or go back to the Mac? Read on to find out - and please, before you send hate mail, read the whole story."
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RE[2]: Article
by eKstreme on Thu 1st Feb 2007 10:10 UTC in reply to "RE: Article"
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It's a list of talking points :
* Security
* Eyecandy
* Bundled Apps

That list looks a lot like the OS X list of talking points.

* Negatives stem from hardware problems (Dell in the article)

Apple does have a serious advantage that they also control the hardware, not just the software. To flip this, all credit to Microsoft for making a huge piece of software that runs fairly well on most hardware. I want to see Apple even try, then we can start complaining about hardware. Ditto for Linux too.

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