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FreeBSD "Linux has a large amount of device drivers for hardware not supported on FreeBSD, especially USB devices. Not rarely, such drivers have been written based on information derived by protocol sniffing, reverse engineering and the like. This makes the code highly undocumented, and renders the porting effort extremely error prone. To help with this task, I decided to start working on an emulation layer that would let us recompile the linux source code on FreeBSD, and provide a sufficiently complete emulation of the kernel APIs so that device drivers (or at least certain classes) could be used without modifications to their source code."
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by Moulinneuf on Thu 1st Feb 2007 16:28 UTC
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This is a miss-information at its best.

First , its not Building GNU/Linux drivers on FreeBSD , its porting GNU/Linux driver to FreeBSD.

Second , this one single webpage ( not even a site or project ) , is reversing reality by saying that somehow the driver paid and made by GNU/Linux developer and the GNU/Linux community should support FreeBSD. Cooperate with FreeBSD yes , work for them for free and no support whatsoever NO !!!

Third , it make the false accusation that most of them are illegal and back-porting and sniffing based on what all BSD do all the time when USB is a standard and that developer are legally working on making them work since USB is a standard.

Fourth the documentation is also available so does the source code except its all GPL. Witch I doubt the illegal derivative they are trying to make from GPL code are going to be.

Fifth why emulate when you can just add the missing code to FreeBSD just as long as it stay GPL. Its not like the rest of BSD is not GPL based anyway ... KDE , GNOME , XFREE , , etc ...

Finally making anything BSD is a waste of time and money as shown by everything BSD ( in the last four decades ) who was closed and is now being used under other licenses inside Microsoft Windows OS and Apple MAC OS X . It does not sustain nor support itself and end up lagging behind its own derivative.

Its just another sad attempt at slandering and libel of GNU/Linux by BSD. They don't want it working or any cooperation , they want to slander and libel only.

Otherwise they would have made a proper project website ( use sourceforge for example + some wiki ), they would have asked all BSD for funding and cooperation and instead of Mud slinging they would have asked for cooperation and help from GNU/Linux.

Its just usual BSD garbage that leads them nowhere.

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