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FreeBSD "Linux has a large amount of device drivers for hardware not supported on FreeBSD, especially USB devices. Not rarely, such drivers have been written based on information derived by protocol sniffing, reverse engineering and the like. This makes the code highly undocumented, and renders the porting effort extremely error prone. To help with this task, I decided to start working on an emulation layer that would let us recompile the linux source code on FreeBSD, and provide a sufficiently complete emulation of the kernel APIs so that device drivers (or at least certain classes) could be used without modifications to their source code."
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RE[6]: Miss-information
by Moulinneuf on Thu 1st Feb 2007 23:16 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: Miss-information"
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"You might even wanna take a look at the definition of viral... "

# Having to do with a virus.

# A self-propagating practice or pattern of Internet use that moves from person to person. Works best in consumer e-commerce because of easy adoption. Longer sales cycle for b2b e-commerce makes viral practices less important. Example: HotMail's explosive growth

# Pertaining to viruses.

# spread by non-standard comunication.

# relating to or caused by a virus; "viral infection"

# Viral phenomena are objects or patterns able to replicate themselves or convert other objects into copies of themselves when these objects are exposed to them.

"What happens when the gpl comes in contact with a compatible licens? "

Nothing ... someone as to introduce GPL code in something else or use it as its base for it to come into effect ... There is GPL coded software on Windows and Apple if it where viral Windows and Apple would be entirely GPL by now just by being in contact with it ... What can I say reality don't have much value in your fabulations and lies.

" None of them were about the viral effect of the gpl but about some weird idea about price fixing."

That's one of them , lets just say he really hate the GPL and got special funding to attack it so he tried more then once on various subject.

"Funny to see you dig your hole even deeper."

I ain't digging a hole at all.

"For someone who dont' seem to understand the definition of viral "

Thats where your wrong ... But don't worry about me.

" who make claims about a court case"

I don't make claim.

"you really shouldn't talk about what other people know and don't know. "

Talk is cheap , lets see each other in court hamster , spin that wheelllllll ;-)

"What makes you think they would make that change now?"

Well they can prove me right by dual licensing it and see just how really wrong they are , but I don't hold my breath on that one.

"Yeah i'm sure they need a good laugh."

I dont know why , but laughing is not what I see them doing when they see my name , but I could be wrong on that , because for me BSD is all a big joke that goes nowhere.

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