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Windows "This story is for anyone considering or interested in switching from Mac to Microsoft's very beautiful new operating system, Windows Vista. I made the switch several weeks ago, from my trusty 12" PowerBook to (at first) a 17" HP widescreen notebook. Was my switch from Mac to Windows Vista easy? Was I able to 'Think Different', the other way around? And a month later, have I decided to stick with Vista or go back to the Mac? Read on to find out - and please, before you send hate mail, read the whole story."
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Only Problem is the TITLE of this article
by MacGod on Fri 2nd Feb 2007 00:25 UTC
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The article was well written (as you would expect from a journalist).

The only thing I found totally misleading about the article was the title given presented on this site about a "Mac user switching to Vista"...

I am sorry, but it is that sensationalistic title that gives journalism a bad - bad name.

In fact - that isn't what the article was about - it was about a Mac user trying out the new Vista operating system (as given to him by a MS Marketing machine - as well as the ZUNE) and then him critiquing the OS and then switching back to his Mac system. Why couldn't the title have been "A Mac OS users perspective on Vista".

It is that type of misleading journalism that gives the entire reputable cause of journalism a bad name.

Sensationalism sales (I am not naive) - just tired.


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