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FreeBSD "Linux has a large amount of device drivers for hardware not supported on FreeBSD, especially USB devices. Not rarely, such drivers have been written based on information derived by protocol sniffing, reverse engineering and the like. This makes the code highly undocumented, and renders the porting effort extremely error prone. To help with this task, I decided to start working on an emulation layer that would let us recompile the linux source code on FreeBSD, and provide a sufficiently complete emulation of the kernel APIs so that device drivers (or at least certain classes) could be used without modifications to their source code."
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RE[5]: Miss-information
by Moulinneuf on Fri 2nd Feb 2007 00:34 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Miss-information"
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"BSD helps making a commercial project " ... "The final product is not licensed under BSDL"

Wow !!! thats truly an exception with BSD !! your a model to follow !!! ( I was being cynical here )

"If the project runs well, I surely will donate money to the FreeBSD developer team"

Why not give money , just to say thanks for using there code ... no if no buts no waiting ... Wait that would mean your a decent and honorable human being , cant let that happen ...

"and even think about releasing some libraries to the FreeBSD ports collection"

Your such a big man !!! ( guess if I am cynical here ... )

" if they may be usable for anybody else. "

Yes not releasing them and keeping them only to yourself is really helpful to other projects. I wonder why the term lagging behind suddenly make sense to me. But thats not your fault , right ? Wrong ...

"Furthermore, BSDs have interchange effects, for example parts of OpenBSD are "translated to" and used in FreeBSD. "

Yes , unlike GNU/Linux where its all source compatible ...

"Who are "they"?"

look up in the mirror and look up BSD on Google ... all of they.

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